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Posted by US Terror on January Sun 24th 3:51 PM - Never Expires - Views: 249
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  1. U.S. just gave billions of dollars to Iran, who is helping the U.S. and Russia to genocide Civilians in Iraq and Syria. If this weren't bad enough, Iran will use its new found fortune from the most corrupt place on the planet earth to take over Iraq and Syria. Essentially the U.S. just sided with Iran and not with the underdogs (Sunni, Kurds, Syrian citizens, etc) of the Nations who are under attack and invasion. U.S. wants the instability and actively supports, maintains, arms, trains, and funds Terror around the world. The combined efforts of nations to attack "ISIS" is Targeted Genocide of the Sunni Population which is a War Crime. There is no doubt that unarmed civilians at defenseless positions have been bombed which is a violation of the Hague Convention. The U.S. are War Criminals and they must be held to account for their international crimes against humanity, war crimes and crimes against life itself. Iran actively funds Hezbollah and other groups that cause chaos in the region. Without chaos, the U.S. cannot unjustly steal the rights of their own populous and intimidate them into supporting their own destruction by promising to protect them from the groups the U.S. has created.
  2. Who are the terrorists of the world? The spoilers of all good? The murderers of innocent unarmed civilians? The Destroyers of all life? The Awful U.S. of Atrocity!
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