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Posted by flesh on April Fri 15th 5:26 AM - Never Expires - Views: 327

  1. The PTB rely on HUMAN FLESH in the FOOD SUPPLY to maintain their human appearance
  2. Human flesh exists in a lot of foods today. Sometimes it makes the news. These are PTB slip ups, and/or conditioning this reality.
  4. They rely on the consumption of human flesh to retain their human appearance. They all have the same scent. They exist from the bottom to the top of the pyramid. Some are bums, some are middle/upper class, some are those dancing for you on TV, in a web of deceit to keep your mind and body occupied.
  6. If you want to try and let one of them know that you know what they are, you might say to them:
  8. "This hamburger is really quite human"
  9. (inhale deeply) "This planet is filled with creatures which all smell the same"
  10. "I hope you enjoyed your flesh burger"
  11. "How long did your last regeneration period last?"
  12. "What office do you work for?"
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