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  1. Former Tor developer created malware for the FBI
  3. By Patrick Howell O'Neill - Apr 27, 2016, 4:32pm CT
  5. "How does the U.S. government beat Tor, the anonymity software used by millions of people around the world? By hiring someone with experience on the inside.
  7. A former Tor Project developer created malware for the Federal Bureau of Investigation that allowed agents to unmask users of the anonymity software."
  9. "Matt Edman is a cybersecurity expert who worked as a part-time employee at Tor Project, the nonprofit that builds Tor software and maintains the network, almost a decade ago.
  11. Since then, he's developed potent malware used by law enforcement to unmask Tor users. It's been wielded in multiple investigations by federal law-enforcement and U.S. intelligence agencies in several high-profile cases.
  13. "It has come to our attention that Matt Edman, who worked with the Tor Project until 2009, subsequently was employed by a defense contractor working for the FBI to develop anti-Tor malware," the Tor Project confirmed in a statement after being contacted by the Daily Dot."
  15. Article:
  17. https://www.dailydot.com/politics/government-contractor-tor-malware/
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